About me I guess

Milk, Milkmaid, Milkmanic

Worm. Slime. Idiot Bastard.
The One and Only. There are many Milk's out there, and i am a particularly unremarkable specimin.
The Common Milkus. Bland and cowardly. Lesser spotted, but who's looking?
Weak eyes, curved spine, rotten lungs, putrid flesh, infected brain. Lacks Will, Heart, Soul and Mind.
Raging hollow beating fists bloody against cave walls.
Lacking notable achievements i am unsure of what to really put here. Broadly describing myself would be normal,
but i'm hoping my embarrassing and inefficient use of words will dissuade any potential readers.

i have never been much of a writer, or a speaker. Infact i frequently struggle to express the inner machinations of my twisted mind beyond crouch-spamming.
Prose is not my strong suit, nor vocabulary, pacing, grammar or spelling. If i were a deck of cards, metaphor and simile would be the bad suit as well.
That is why with good reason i fear inspection. i aught to put an annoying autoplaying midi on this page. aught or ought? ought. What do you expect to find here?
There are no secrets here, barring the scant few i chose to bare. You shall not learn a thing. Your life will not be improved. i doubt you will even be entertained.
Alas my attempts appear to be in vain. C'mon isn't this annoying? Continue at your own peril, there is nothing of substance here.

The Sham Behind The Mask

Milk (no relation to the beverage) could be described as a person, with a computer, who is at the time of writing,
alive. They look human enough, but are lacking some essential functions. That however does not prevent their continued existance, and they persevere
on towards oblivion.

Enough of that drivel. C'mon write something real. What do i do?
i love listening to music, ICP, 100gecs/Laura Les, B-52's and I do have a soft spot for Wax and Herbal T. i enjoy horror films, Halloween(78), Bloody Birthday, Freddy Vs Jason.
i do like reading a few comics/manga occasionally, Berserk is one of my favs, Jojo was fun.
i seem to spend most of my free time playing video games, souls series, Tetris, DBD, TF2.
me might put more specifics at some point. Do people like reading that? i don't like reading these.
Also i generally don't like looking back at anything i've written down. i'm angry a lot. me stinky.

well thats more then i expected but less then i'd hoped. What would i even tell you about.
i own a bass guitar but i wouldn't really say i know how to play it.
like i can play a few simple songs i like yknow but its hard my hands feel too small and weak i dont understand and im probably teaching myself bad habits.
i'm probably depressed. i'm almost certainly autistic. i'm bi i guess? a qualified electrician? weak bladder. mid at tf2. tummy hurt.


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